What A 13 Year Old Spring Hockey Player Taught Me


I want to introduce you to a particular type of young hockey player. This type of player is found on nearly every hockey team. Most hockey associations have at least one in their midst.

This is the young hockey player who wants to make it BIG.

Now we all know the statistics that very, very few actually ever make it to an NHL tryout, and that’s OK. The key here is the desire and the commitment to go after lofty goals.

Ad astra per aspera
“Through hardships to the stars”

Children have dreams, big dreams…. these dreams should be encouraged.

Dedicated children are willing to sacrifice a lot to achieve their goals. Generally speaking, kids that play Spring hockey (in addition to Winter league play) can be categorized as those with a determined mindset.

These kids live hockey, they want to make ‘the show’. Will they all go onto play in the NHL?


Will some play junior or get drafted into the CHL?

Yes, and some will even get offers for a NCAA scholarship.

These players give up friends & extra-curricular activities to practice and play hockey. When their school friends are planning sleepovers or playing X-box; they instead are practicing their wrist shot.

When their friends are texting each other discussing the latest episode of Diamond Minecart on Youtube; these player/athletes are already at practice warming up with dry land training.

When the average student is getting out of bed in the morning, these 13 yr. old players have already been up for an hour, finished their daily push-ups, sit-ups & lunges… had a shower, a protein shake, and are just about to have breakfast.

You know one of these players don’t you?

Dedicated young hockey players are willing to give up and sacrifice so much to develop in their chosen sport.

Why this type of player is important to you…

This young player will likely succeed. He or she will go further in hockey than the average player.

He or she will succeed because they will practice more to develop their skill, they will not allow themselves to be distracted by the mundane ‘fads’ for their age bracket.

They practice more, can handle being corrected and can be coached to win.

We can all take a life lesson from these young players. As we encourage and gently push our children for athletic excellence we should take time to step back and critique our own work ethic.

  • Are we in as good physical condition as our children?
  • Do we waste valuable time playing games on our phone?
  • Could our time be put to better use?
  • Do we practice our craft for excellence or do we just go through the motions at work?
  • How do WE handle corrections & constructive criticism?
  • Are we TEAM players – going for the overall goals instead of selfish ones?
  • Do we sit and daydream when we could be working on perfection?
  • Do we put 100% effort into everything we are working on?

Just a little food for reflective thought…



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