Top Guns Tournament, Canmore AB – Day 2

Live Updates: Day 2 of the Top Gun AAA Spring tournament begins this morning; this will be exciting!

I am in watching the 2002 Minor Bantam competition this weekend & I have had the opportunity to watch some great hockey played by the up and coming stars.

What a way to start a morning!


Yellowknife (yesterday I called the team Yukon…my mistake) Sporting Club is on the ice against the Spring Dogs. 2:0 at the end of the second period.

Final score 5:1 for Yellowknife Sporting Club. A chippy game to watch in the morning! Lot’s of beaking and some great plays by both teams. The Spring Dogs played a good hard game against a much larger team, the tempo of the game just favored Yellowknife this morning.


Next up Jr. Oil Kings vrs. Sask-Can

2:0 for Sask-Can at the end of the first.


What a change of pace for the Oil Kings, they are up 6:2 at the end of the second.

There was a bit of drama however as the Jr. Oil coach seemed to lose his temper on the bench with some of the questionable calls by the Ref’s; then naturally the parents of the Sask-Can players responded from the stands.

Not the best example for the players…

The Ref’s to their credit are keeping control.


Scratch that, two players just ejected for fighting.

Final score 8:2 for the Jr. Oil Kings.


A couple of good games in between my nap and sightseeing….

First off the Spring Dogs defeated the Jr. Golden Bears 5:3, and Yellowknife beat Sask-Can 2:0.

I caught the tail end of the last game, some fast hockey even after these boys played a game each earlier in the day.

Well played lads, let’s see hiw this next game pans out (Jr. Golden Bears & Jr. Oil Kings) to see where the stats lay for the finals tomorrow!

Final score 2:2 tie; both teams off to the finals tomorrow!

















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