Top Guns Tournament, Canmore AB – Day 1

Live Updates: Canmore is the host town for the Top Gun AAA Spring Hockey Tournament this year.


Already under way this morning with the Jr. Golden Bears taking on Sask-Can.

2002 born players are hard at it on the ice now, 2:1 for the Bears in the 3rd period.


Looks like a dispute on a call…….nope, its a goal! Bears take a 3:1 lead.

Final score 3:1 for the Jr. Golden Bears.


Next up Yukon vrs. Jr. Oil Kings


Yukon opened up early with a goal, they are by far the faster of the two teams on the ice right now.

Luckily gameplay for the Oil Kings came together and they tied the game shortly before the end of the first period.

Bigger in size the Kings struggled a bit to adjust to the pace of the game. While the Yukon team (with a few Edmonton imports as I understand) were quick to capitialize on this and played the body well against larger players.


2:1 for the Yukon Sporting Club at the end of the 2nd period.

The Yukon have some serious speed, Schofield (#4) and Scott (#8) while smaller in size these two can really play the body.

What a change of pace from the first period. The Oil Kings found their feet and brought the body to the game.

Just as the buzzer went the Kings found the net but the Ref’s waved it off. What an exciting period!


Final score 3:1 for the Yukon!

The speed and organization of this Northern team was too much for the Jr. Oil Kings; not to say they didn’t have scoring chances of course. The Yukon were simply all over the other team from the start.

The Oil Kings have some serious talent for sure, they just could not come together to make it work.

Taylor (#91) is by far the smoothest D-man I have ever watched play, to watch his skating was worth the trip! One of the Oil Kings forwards, Lee (#16) has a much needed powerful stride, Gerke (#14) is really aggressive on the ice as well. Let’s see what they do this afternoon!

Next stop….. Boston Pizza!


After a much needed nap & a coffee I am back at the arena for the afternoon games.

While away the Spring Dogs took Sask-Can with a 1:0 game, this only goal coming in the third.

By the look of the sheet there were quite a few penalties telling me it was a pretty physical game!


Yukon at the moment is crushing the Jr. Golden Bears 6:1…… what a game to walk in to!

Final score 6:2 for Yukon.

Next up the Jr. Oil Kings vrs. Spring Dogs.


4:1 Oil Kings after the first period. Certainly a different tempo than the first game this morning.


Final score 8:2 for the Oil Kings. An exciting game to watch, hats off to the Spring Dogs; not once did they let off during the game. Beautiful to watch a team with a ‘no quit’ attitude.







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