Never Lazy, Never Tired…

This weekend I traveled down to the Edge School for Athletes to watch a few games of the Stampede Challenge (Bantam 2002).

I  am truly amazed at the physical conditioning these young athletes have. During the event in Calgary AB, I had a chance to watch some serious Bantam level hockey by ’02 players. These players I might add are all coming into their draft year. What I noticed most was the willingness of the players and the intensity of the game play.

Your child, in order to be successful must push him/herself to their limits and then keep on going from there. This contemplative thought is for anyone really, in any situation. We can all learn something from dedicated athletes.

I am working on a few articles focusing on attitudes of players outside of the rink. I posted the first article on athlete etiquette a few weeks ago, and I am just finishing up the next installment concerning Social Media. I should have that ready by the weeks end (after proofreading with my rooster pecking typing style!).

“Never Lazy, Never Tired”

Those were the words I overheard yesterday evening while watching a training session with Paxton Schulte (Click Here To Learn More). I like what trainers are promoting nowadays. Most conditioning, powerskating, shooting coaches are all pushing that the development of a young athlete is tied completely & directly to their lifestyle.

Success is not just on the ice, the player must focus on all necessary activities (mainly school) in order to become the ‘complete athlete’. This rings true in the best open letter (click here) I have ever read. It is ALL about attitude!

On a final thought this coffee filled evening, our young athletes need push themselves to be better. I am passionate about Spring hockey and positive development; each child has to personally choose hockey excellence as their goal and as parents we strive to provide them the opportunity. Those that have lofty goals WILL push themselves that much further than most.

Parents…. well, we get to drive them!



P.S. I am also getting ready to launch workout routines as well as nutrition guides for download; again a little more proofreading and double checking….. I will have this all ready to launch for post Spring season. Just in time to get ready for Winter tryouts!



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