Get Your 2002/03 Player SEEN by NCAA & WHL Scouts in March!

1. Are you the parent of a 2002 or 2003 born player with a few days available at the end of March?
2. Do you have a child who is interested in being seen by NCAA & WHL scouts?
3. Do you have three days to commit to a team needing a few players for our Major Bantam Showcase Tournament?

We have a number of teams who have contacted us about entering a team for the scouting exposure; the issue several of them is that the weekend of the tournament is also the same weekend for Bantam AA provincials and Bantam AAA playoffs.

So here is what we can do to help; if you have a child or know of a player who would like to join a team for the three days, please contact me & I will send you the other team(s) contact information.

Any cost for jersey, etc. will be between you and the respective team; all we will do here is forward you the contact. Any agreement you come up with has zero to do with the staff at

This is a fantastic opportunity for a player to be part of something special; exposure to people who can help put things in motion!

If you are looking to be seen one last time before the Bantam draft, get a hold of me pronto!

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