Ontario & Quebec

Hockey Development 

Updated August 30, 2017

Académie de hockey Joël Bouchard
Location: Boisbriand, Quebec
Website: www.ahjb.ca

ACME Hockey
Location: Ontario
Website: www.acmehockey.com

Advanced Hockey Training
Location: Guelph, Ontario
Website: www.advancedhockeytraining.ca

Aspire Hockey Training
Location: Orangeville, Ontario
Website: www.aspirehockeytraining.com

Athletic Republic Montreal
Location: Montreal, Quebec
Website: www.athleticrepublicmtl.com

Barrie Colts Hockey School
Location: Barrie, Ontario
Website: www.barriecoltshockeyschool.com

BASE Hockey
Location: Various Locations, Ontario & Quebec
Website: www.basehockey.ca

Belfry Hockey
Location: Ridgeway, Ontario
Website: www.proplaymakers.ca

Blueprint Hockey
Location: Caledon, Ontario
Website: www.blueprinthockey.com

Bronko Hockey
Location: Mississauga, Ontario
Website: www.bronkohockey.com

Capital Hockey Inc.
Location: GTA, ON
Website: www.capitalhockeyinc.com

Coast To Coast Hockey Academy
Location: Burlington, ON
Website: www.coasttocoasthockeyacademy.com

Elite Sports Performance Centre
Location: Whitby, ON
Website: www.espcentre.com

Evolution Hockey
Location: Dorval, Quebec
Website: www.evolutionglace.com

Fierce Hockey
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Website: www.fiercehockey.com

Gator Sports Management
Location: Scarborough, ON
Website: www.gpshockey.ca

G & G Skate Training Centre
Location: Kitchener, ON
Website: www.gandgskatetraining.com

Golden Glide Hockey
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Website: www.goldenglidehockey.com

High Speed Hockey
Location: Newmarket, Ontario
Website: www.highspeedhockey.ca

Hockey Montreal
Location: Montreal, Quebec
Website: www.hockeymontreal.com

Hockey Specific Training
Location: Hudson, Quebec
Website: www.hockeyspecifictraining.com

Hockey Training Above
Location: Stratford, Ontario
Website: www.hockeytrainingabove.com

Ice Dreams Skating Academy
Location: Vaughan, North York, Bradford, Ontario
Website: www.icedreams.ca

Jacques Martin Hockey School
Location: Green Valley, Ontario
Website: www.jacquesmartinhockey.com

Just Shoot It
Location: Mississauga, Ontario
Website: www.justshootit.ca

Kelly Reed Hockey
Location: Hamilton, Ontario
Website: www.kellyreedhockey.com

MaxTech Hockey
Location: Quebec
Website: www.maxtechs.ca

Nina Gazdig’s Skating & Hockey School
Location: London, Ontario
Website: www.ninagazdigskating.com

Ontario Hockey Corporation
Location: Mississauga, Ontario
Website: www.ontariohockeycorporation.com

Own The Ice
Location: Cornwall, Ontario
Website: www.owntheicehockey.com

Peak Centre Montreal
Location: Montreal, Quebec
Website: www.peakcentremontreal.ca

Phase Hockey Academy
Location: Petersburg, Ontario
Website: www.phasehockey.ca

PowerPlay Hockey
Location: Kapuskasing, ON
Website: www.pphockey.ca

Powertech Hockey
Location: Techmseh, Ontario
Website: www.powertechhockey.ca

Pro Hockey Development
Location: GTA, Ontario
Website: www.prohoc.com

Proven Performance Hockey
Location: Windsor, Ontario
Website: www.provenperformancehockey.com

Location: Beeton, Ontario
Website: www.puckshy.com

Quick Feet Hockey
Location: Walkerton, Ontario
Website: www.quickfeethockey.ca

Relentless Hockey
Location: Burlington, Ontario
Website: www.relentlesshockey.com

Rink Eye
Location: Kanata, Ontario
Website: www.rinkeye.com

Score Hockey School
Location: Mississauga and Toronto, Ontario
Website: www.scorehockeyschool.com

Six1Three Hockey
Location: Stittsville, Ontario
Website: www.six1threehockey.com

Summun Hockey Development
Location: Granby, Quebec
Website: www.summumhockeydeveloppement.com

Superior Stride Power Skating
Location: Thunder Bay, ON
Website: www.superiorstride.com

Sweet Stride Power Skating
Location: Kitchener, ON
Website: www.sweetstride.ca

Tag Hockey
Location: London, Ontario
Website: www.taghockey.com

The Hockey Loft
Location: Cambridge, Ontario
Website: www.thehockeyloft.ca

The Hockey Training Academy
Location: Mississauga, Ontario
Website: www.sportstrainingacademy.ca

The Ice Shed
Location: Oshawa, Ontario
Website: www.theiceshed.com

The Zone Training
Location: Waterloo & Guelph, Ontario
Website: www.thezonetraining.ca

TMX CrossFit
Location: Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
Website: www.tmxpersonaltraining.com

Total Package Hockey
Location: London, Ontario
Website: www.totalpackagehockey.ca

Ultimate Stride
Location: London, Ontario
Website: www.ultimatestride.ca

University Skating School
Location: London, Ontario
Website: www.skatingschool.on.ca

Victory Hockey School
Location: Ajax, ON
Website: www.victoryhockey.ca

Location: Newmarket, ON
Website: www.vision3hockey.com

World Class Hockey Canada
Location: Mississauga, ON
Website: http://www.worldclasshockey.com

Yoga Hockey
Location: Saint-Basile-le-Grand, Quebec
Website: www.groupeyogasport.com

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