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Is your child training with the Kitten or the Tiger?

One of the hardest things a parent does is try to help their child succeed in what ever activity they have a passion for. This could be hockey, karate, soccer, football, music, art, etc.

We try so hard to open the door or opportunity for our children, we spend our valuable time and money; but often do not see the results we want.

As an athletic solutions consultant I work with parents to unravel the path their child athlete is on (to see where they need to be in a period of time and options on how to get there); the common stumbling block I come across is the effort wasted by sending a child to train with a kitten instead of a tiger.

“Worried about sending your child to train with the ‘RIGHT’ Coach for the competitive edge?”

For a modest increase of time & a few dollars more he or she could be training with an elite level Coach. Your effort is the same to expose your child to excellence instead of average.

It’s Monday morning at 5 am and you are up making coffee, the van is already running and you just need your precious young athlete to get his butt out of bed so you can head to the local rink. You have booked into a morning camp with the association Coaches for the next five Monday mornings before school. The provincial team tryouts are coming up and you want your boy to stand out. He needs to be ready.

While I am not knocking the value to the local community Coach (I always get asked that question, and I am not). What I am saying however is that you need to stop & ask yourself was it time and money well spent for the results achieved or caliber of instruction?

Now take the same scenario with a twist; you are still up early in the morning, maybe thirty minutes earlier making coffee & a few sandwiches for the drive home. The van is warming up but this time you are headed into the city to the larger recreation complex where there is a defense camp being run by a former career NHL player & a past provincial Coach. The cost difference between the two camps….$80 and about an hour extra on the road. The difference lies in the quality of instruction & information.

If you are looking for your child to move to the elite levelsĀ of play (and you are); then you need to maximize the quality of training he or she is receiving. The fact that you have to get up early and drive doesn’t change; it is just a simple mind shift (of where to drive to) that you need to adjust.

You need to know where to take your child for effective instruction.”

If you are putting in the effort of paying for and traveling for extra sports training, you need to get out of the ‘local & convenient’ attitude and get the highest bang for your buck. Training with the kittens is fine for general health and participation but if you want your child to truly excel they need to be exposed to the tigers of the sport and be developing there.

I can show you where your child should be training.

Players who train with tigers will go farther than those that stay homegrown and only train with kittens. To excel your child needs to be spending time with the highest caliber trainer you can afford. Your time and effort will not change much but the results will be staggering.

When your child is ready to make a move to a higher level of play contact me.

I can help you navigate the waters for advanced athletic development. My exclusive formula works with any sport & will show who your child needs to be training with. I offer a step by step personalized pathway to help your child succeed.

Fill out the feedback form below to learn more; there is no charge for the initial consultation.




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