Hi, my name is Scott (bald guy beside my beautiful wife). Glad to meet you!

Are you a parent struggling to find information on and learn more about Spring Hockey?

You are not alone!

I started this project after spending (several) weeks struggling to find out how to get my child involved in Spring hockey, and to more importantly find out exactly what it was all about.

The site you are on is the result of that search; you are viewing the most comprehensive Spring Hockey web site in Canada. Period.

As I dove deeper into the short season & the tournament scene I uncovered a whole network of events, camps, schools; all dedicated to extra hockey specific training for both the high caliber player as well as those simply wishing to improve their abilities. Most of this happens outside the traditional Winter hockey season.

My mandate is to present information for other hockey parents to help their young player/athlete work toward a higher standard of hockey play. It is a known fact that Spring hockey tends to be more competitive & many, many people use this 3-4 month seasonal window to further hone their playing skills as they train for personal excellence.

I have traveled the path you are now on. I supported my oldest son on his Spring hockey journey with impressive results.

You don’t need to be an expert to offer sound advice. As I began going to different events I started listening to other parents and taking notes on what they knew. I am proud now to offer this valuable information to so many parents over the web!

Take what is useful and ignore the rest…. every person and player are different; find what is best for you and run with it. When you come across something new please let me know so I can share it with the community.

If you want to get a hold of me, my email address is scottOMHhockey@gmail.com; or you can find me on LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/scott-taylor-coach.

Oh, and remember to eat more vegetables!

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