AAA Hockey information for parents

It’s finally underway!

This project has been sitting inside my head for quite a while; I hope it is of value to you, the hockey parent!


Our oldest plays minor hockey in a small, rural, Albertan town. One night while putting him to bed he mentioned that he wanted to play hockey better; and asked if could I sign him up for extra training?

I told him I would look into it knowing full well I had absolutely no idea whatsoever on where to look and what to look for.

Fast Forward Two Years Later….

We learned over the last couple of years that players who want to excel can often join Spring/Summer AAA teams to both train and compete at a higher, more demanding level.

What this website will present are regularly updated lists of AAA minor hockey teams, conditioning & training camps, tournaments as well as team tryout dates as they become known.

This information is focused on the minor level hockey divisions (Novice up to Midget).

So far our family has had a wonderful and rewarding experience watching our children train and advance their skills. We take an active role in reviewing what is available and seeing our children have fun while learning is a very rewarding parental experience.

We look forward to updating you with this information!

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