A Valentine’s Day Story & Family Day Tryouts


So many people across Canada and the US are waking up this morning and wishing their loved one(s) a Happy Valentine’s Day.

*psssst….. shame on you if you are reading this blog post before you greet your lover!

Everything we do as Spring Hockey parents (which typically includes being a Winter hockey parent) is geared around our children developing in the sport. Parents without player/athletes in the family simply do not understand our schedule & lifestyle.

Last night I spent four hours on the return bus trip with my wife after my oldest boy’s game. The Team bus was packed full of players, coaches, parents and pizza boxes.

Even though the boys lost their road game the coach kept them in good spirits with the proper conversations and even had the movie Coach Carter on the screens for part of the drive.

We finally arrived back at the house at midnight.

The oldest boy is rather dedicated with very specific academic & athletic goals so he put his breakfast menu together, had a 10 minute ice bath (fancy term for running cold water in the tub) to help his legs recover…. my wife & I laid down about 12:30.

When the alarm goes off at 7 am it kind or startles you right?

I rolled over and wished my wife a “Happy Valentines Day” and causally asked “Would you like me to make you breakfast in bed?”

Her reply was not surprising to most of us I’m sure…”Can’t. I have to work concession in an hour.”

To which I sighed with understanding and added “yeah, I have to be on the bench this morning with our youngest boy’s team anyhow.”

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Don’t forget to check the tryout page as there are several new ones for Alberta posted.



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