Rules & Regulations – As of March 10, 2017

The HockeyInfo/ Branded Hockey Major Bantam Showcase Tournament will be played under Hockey Alberta rules unless specified by the tournament committee.

1. Teams: Each team may register 20 players, 18 skaters plus two goaltenders may dress for each game. A minimum of two lines plus 1 goaltender, are required at the start of a game. Each team will have an assigned Captain and least 1 Alternate. Only those listed on the official tournament roster are approved to be on the bench. All bench Coaches must be listed on the game sheet.

2. Roster: Each team must provide a complete team roster. Birth certificates (or copies) for all players must be carried with the team Manager and be available for inspection upon request. Emergency roster changes are allowed if approved by the tournament committee. The roster submitted by the Manager shall be considered complete; only those player’s listed can compete (unless an emergency arises).

This is for the benefit of the attending scouts for the weekend.

Should a team only have one goalie and he/she is injured, then the rules for goalie changing will apply. The team will have to put a player in net until the player going in goal has changed from his/her playing gear into the goalie gear. No extra time will be allowed.

3. Overage players: A team may have 1 (one) overage player 2001 birth year excluding goalies.

4. Insurance: Please hand in proof of insurance prior to the first scheduled game.

5. Dressing Rooms: Dressing room assignments will be posted each day on the Main TV screen in the arena. Each team must be in their respective rooms at least 30 minutes prior to the posted start of their game. Any damage to the room will be charged to that team (if you see any damage when you first enter your room please contact the arena attendant or a tournament official immediately). The tournament committee would appreciate if all dressing rooms were clean and free of debris. The HockeyInfo/ Branded Hockey Major Bantam Showcase Tournament is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen property.

6: Home & Away: The first team listed on the board is the home team. All teams are encouraged to bring both light & dark jerseys. In the event that a team only has one set of jerseys, the other team will accommodate if possible. Note: The host team Branded Hockey Bisons will only be wearing a dark red jersey; the opposing team will wear accordingly.

7. Game sheet: The Captain and (up to three) Alternates must be listed on the game sheet. The visiting team must have their game sheet completed first, 30 minutes prior to the posted start time of the game. The home team must have their game sheet completed 20 minutes prior to game time.

8. Start time/ End time: The intent is to start all games at the posted time. ALL games will end at the designated time, regardless of reason for the delay. When there is five minutes left in the scheduled time, the clock will reset to 2 minutes for stop time play. Teams must be prepared to play 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.

9. On ice Officials: All referees and linesmen are approved and are under the direction of the Tournament Director or his designate. The two-man system will generally be used, but the tournament may provide three officials for some games. Officials are required to complete all write ups on the back of the game sheet as required.

10. Warm-up: Teams will be allowed a five (5) minute warm-up at the beginning of the game. Teams must be ready to begin the game is soon as the referee blows the whistle. Pucks will be provided by the host.

11. Order of leaving ice: The referee shall determine which team leaves the ice surface first. Any team leaving prior to the referee saying may be levied a penalty.

12: Ice Flood: Flooding will occur after every period unless indicated otherwise by the Arena Attendant due to condensation/temperature/thickness concerns.

13. Mandatory equipment: Helmets and full-face protectors are mandatory for all players. All players must also wear throat protectors. Players not conforming to these standards will not be allowed to play until the required equipment is in place. If a player, except a goaltender, loses his/her helmet during the play, that player must immediately stop and pick up his/her helmet and put it on, or leave the ice surface. All helmet straps must be reconnected prior to re-entering the game. If a goaltender loses his/her facemask play will be stopped immediately. Mouth guards are highly recommended by the tournament committee.

14. Game length/ mercy rule: All games in the tournament are 3x 20-minute stop-time periods. Should a team have a lead of 5 goals or more at the start of the third period, the clock will be switched to run time. Should this lead revert back to 4 goals or less, stop time will resume. This mercy rule will apply to ALL games of the tournament.

15. Penalties: The clock will not be stopped during straight time (i.e. when the mercy rule is in effect) while the referee deals with any penalties.
(a). Penalties during Stop-Time: Minor: Two (2) minutes – Major: Five (5) minutes – Misconduct: Ten (10) minutes.
(b). Penalties during Mercy Rule: Minor: Three (3) minutes from the drop of the puck – Major: Seven (7) minutes from the drop of the puck – Misconduct: Fifteen (15) minutes from the drop of the puck. Time Keeper will use their discretion.

16. Fighting: Any player who instigates a fight will be ejected for the rest of the game and further action could be imposed by the tournament committee. If a fight occurs, all skaters must go to their bench. Goaltenders must stay in their crease. Any player leaving the bench will be suspended for the tournament. All fighting penalties will be reviewed by the tournament committee and their discretion on supplementary action will be final.

17. Points: Two (2) for a win, One (1) for a tie/overtime/shootout, none (0) for a loss.

18. Playoffs: The playoff format will be adjusted to reflect the number of teams in each division.

19. Overtime in playoffs: This rule only applies to the playoff games. If teams are tied at the end of regulation time, there will be a two (2) minute break with no ice flood. Teams will not change ends. After the break five (5) minutes will be put on the clock and played out at stop time with four (4) skaters and a goalie on each side. The first team that scores shall be declared the winner at any point during the overtime. If there is still a tie at the end of the five (5) minutes, there will be a shootout to declare the winner. The shootout rules are as follows: Each team will pick 3 players. The visiting team will shoot first and alternates to home team until all 3 players have taken their turn. If a winner is not declared, then each team will choose one player (who has not previously shot) at a time to shoot until a player scores at the end of the rotation. This will continue until a winner is declared.

20. Tie Breaker: Total points shall determine team standings as set out in Rule 17. To determine team standings in the event of a tie in points, the following criteria shall be used:

  1. The winner of the game between the two tied teams shall be deemed the winner. In the event of a tie between more than two teams, this tie breaking criteria shall not apply in any circumstances.
  2. If still tied after the first criteria, or if the first criteria are not applicable, the team that has the most wins shall be deemed the winner.
  3. If still tied after the most wins criteria, the best plus minus goals to a max of + 5 and – 5 per game shall be deemed the winner.
  4. If still tied after the plus minus criteria, the least penalties against shall be deemed the winner.
  5. If still tied there will be a coin toss to declare a playoff spot. In the event that more than two teams are tied and a winner is declared the remaining two teams will revert back to criteria 1.

21. Body checking: This is a body checking allowed event. Mouth guards are highly recommended by the tournament committee.

22. Stick measurements: Absolutely no stick measurements at any time.

23. Time out: Each team will be allowed one (1), 30 second time out per game. Should an injury occur during run time, i.e. when the Mercy Rule is in effect, the clock will stop only at the direction of the referee and timekeeper. In the opinion of the referee if the injury to the player is mild in nature, the clock will continue to run. If the injury is more serious and medical aid is required, the referee will have the clock stopped until the injury to the player has been dealt with. If, in the opinion of the referee, a team should deliberately abuse this rule, the clock will continue to run regardless of the situation.

24. Checking from Behind: A player may receive either 2 or 5-minute penalty at the discretion of the referee. Upon completion of the game the Tournament Committee will decide if further action is required.

25. Match penalty/Gross misconduct: Any player assessed a match penalty (A deliberate attempt to injure by spearing, butt-ending, slashing, cross-checking, etc.), or a gross misconduct will be subject to the tournament committee ruling before the next scheduled game.

26. Protests: Will only be allowed when the eligibility of player is in question as being too old. This rule applies to all the teams entered in the tournament. The committee will deal with all protests within three (3) hours of filing the appeal. Teams found in violation of these rules will result in the athlete being disqualified from the rest of the tournament. The team in violation will have all their games that resulted in a win or tie reduced to a loss of 1-0 and all their points in the standings will be reduced to 0. Team affected who lost or tied against the team in violation will receive an official score of 1-0 and receive 2 points. Under no circumstances will protests be allowed after the tournament is over. No other protests will be allowed. The tournament committee reserves the right to adjust the playing time of any and all games. All teams affected will be advised of the time adjustments. The tournament committee has the right to suspend play in any game.

27. Protocols: No family member/parents or players are allowed to approach tournament officials with questions or comments. All inquiries must be made through the team manager. Any parents/family members and fans that become disrespectful during a game will be removed from the arena. If the officials decide to stop the game in this case and the identified person refuses to leave the arena, the game will be defaulted. The team, the individual in question belongs to or represents will be credited with a 1 – 0 loss.

All players, Coaches will line up & shake hands with other team, Coaches & Officials. Players will then line up on blue line for awards.

28. Tournament committee: The tournament committee has the final say in all decision issues.

29. Coaches and Managers: Coaches and Managers are responsible for the conduct of their players and parents during the tournament. Any abuse, racial remarks, or unbecoming conduct towards any players, referees, tournament officials or other fans will result in the offending parties being removed from the tournament. Also a five minute major penalty will be assessed to the team with the offending people or player responsible.

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